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October 08, 2016


Francesca di Poppa

Francesca di Poppa, Philosophy, Texas Tech University

Michael Kremer

Michael Kremer, Philosophy, University of Chicago

Barrett Emerick

Barrett Emerick, St. Mary's College of Maryland

Corey McCall

Corey McCall, Philosophy, Elmira College

Bruce Janz

Bruce Janz, Philosophy, University of Central Florida, Orlando

Brian Montgomery

Brian Montgomery, University of Texas-El Paso

Andrew Bowie

Andrew Bowie, Philosophy. Royal Holloway University of London

Rich Booher

Rich Booher, Philosophy, De Anza College


Helen De Cruz, Philosophy, Oxford Brookes University

Don Howard

Don Howard, Philosophy, University of Notre Dame

Sergio Tenenbaum

Sergio Tenenbaum, Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto

Dan Sperber

Dan Sperber, CEU, Budapest, and Institut Jean Nicod, Paris

Lori Gruen

Lori Gruen, Wesleyan University

G. Anthony Bruno

G. Anthony Bruno, Philosophy, McGill University

Lisa Miracchi

Lisa Miracchi, Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania

Andrew Sepielli

Andrew Sepielli, Philosophy, University of Toronto

Francois Raffoul

Francois Raffoul, Philosophy, Louisiana State University

Christopher Menzel

Christopher Menzel, Texas A&M University


Liam Kofi Bright, Philosophy, Carnegie Mellon University.

Christian Munthe

Christian Munthe, Practical philosophy, University of Gothenburg (Sweden)

scott sturgeon

Scott Sturgeon, Philosophy, University of Birmingham, UK

Chelsea Rosenthal

Chelsea Rosenthal, Philosophy, New York University

Daniel Silvermint

Daniel Silvermint, Philosophy & WGSS, University of Connecticut

Reinhard Muskens

Reinhard Muskens, Tilburg University

Tyler Curtain

Tyler Curtain, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Luke Maring

Luke Maring, Philosophy, Northern Arizona University


Eddy Keming Chen, Philosophy, Rutgers University

Michael Rooney

Michael Rooney, Philosophy, Pasadena City College

Eric Steinhart

Eric Steinhart, William Paterson University

Leigh Duffy

Leigh Duffy, Philosophy, Buffalo State College, Buffalo NY

Dennis Potter

R. Dennis Potter, Philosophy, Utah Valley University

Jack Lyons

Jack Lyons, Philosophy, University of Arkansas

James South

James B. South, Philosophy, Marquette University

Nancy Bauer

Nancy Bauer, Philosophy, Tufts University

Gregory Janssen

Gregory Janssen, Philosophy, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Peggy DesAutels

Peggy DesAutels, Philosophy, University of Dayton

James M Dow

James M. Dow, Philosophy, Hendrix College

Justin Biddle

Justin Biddle, Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology

Anthony Crisafi

Anthony F. Crisafi, Philosophy and Humanities, University of Central Florida, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena

Axel Mueller

Axel Mueller, Northwestern University

Nathan Andersen

Nathan Andersen, Philosophy, Eckerd College

Alice MacLachlan

Alice MacLachlan, Philosophy, York University

David Owen

David Owen, Politics, University of Southampton

A Pinillos

Angel Pinillos
Philosophy, Arizona State University

Eric Schwitzgebel

Eric Schwitzgebel
Philosophy, U.C. Riverside

David Carroll Jacobs

David Carroll Jacobs
Business Ethics
Morgan State University

James Rocha

James Rocha, Philosophy, California State University, Fresno

Liz Victor

Elizabeth Victor, Philosophy, William Paterson University

Caroline T. Arruda

Caroline T. Arruda
Philosophy, The University of Texas at El Paso

Charles Clarke

Charles Clarke, JD/PhD Candidate,
Political Theory & Law, Northwestern University

Caroline T. Arruda

Caroline T. Arruda
Philosophy, The University of Texas at El Paso

Martin Pleitz

Martin Pleitz, Philosophy, University of Münster

Tad. Zawidzki

Tad Zawidzki, Chair, Philosophy, George Washington University

Lisa Rivera

Lisa Rivera
Philosophy Department
University of Massachusetts, Boston

Alisa Carse

Alisa Carse, Philosophy, Georgetown University

Jeremy Fantl

Jeremy Fantl, Philosophy, University of Calgary

Joshua Alexander

Joshua Alexander, Philosophy, Siena College

Gary Herstein

Gary L. Herstein, Ph.D.
National Coalition of Independent Scholars

Nicole Wyatt

Nicole Wyatt, Philosophy, University of Calgary (Canada)

Kai von Fintel

Kai von Fintel, Linguistics & Philosophy, MIT

Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò

Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò, Philosophy, UCLA.

Lisa Shapiro

Lisa Shapiro, Professor of Philosophy, Simon Fraser University (Canada)

Tina Eliassi-Rad

Tina Eliassi-Rad, Computer Science, Northeastern University

Aaron Zimmerman

Aaron Zimmerman, Philosophy, UCSB

Shen Pan

Shen Pan, Philosophy, University of Maryland, College Park

James Stewart

James Stewart, Philosophy, University of Tasmania

Maureen Eckert

Maureen Eckert, Philosophy, UMASS Dartmouth

Eric Swanson

Eric Swanson, Philosophy and Linguistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Alex Worsnip

Alex Worsnip, Philosophy, UNC Chapel Hill

Rebecca Mason

Rebecca Mason, Philosophy, University of San Francisco

Heidi Harley

Heidi Harley, Linguistics, University of Arizona

Thomas Wilk

Thomas Wilk, Philosophy, Johns Hopkins

christia mercer

I support Jason

Matt Teichman

Matt Teichman, University of Chicago

joe neisser

Joe Neisser, Grinnell College

Benjamin S. Yost

Benjamin S. Yost, Philosophy, Providence College

Eleonore Stump

Eleonore Stump, Saint Louis University

Tim Brownlee

Timothy L. Brownlee, Philosophy, Xavier University

Kate Abramson

Kate Abramson, Indiana University-Bloomington (with all my heart)

Geoffrey Lee

Geoffrey Lee, philosophy, UC Berkeley

Alexis Shotwell

Alexis Shotwell, Philosophy and Sociology & Anthropology, Carleton University

Simona Aimar

Simona Aimar, University College London

Roberta Millstein

Roberta Millstein, UC Davis

Max Shue

Max Shue, Spanish, College of Western Idaho

William Starr

William Starr, Philosophy, Cornell University

Hugh Miller

Hugh Miller, Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago

Catherine Womack

Catherine Womack, Philosophy, Bridgewater State University

Ram Neta

Ram Neta, Philosophy, University of North Carolina

Neil Levy

Neil Levy, Macquarie University and University of Oxford.

Michael P Wolf

Michael P. Wolf, Washington and Jefferson College

Yannik Thiem

Yannik Thiem, Philosophy, Villanova University

Tiffany Cvrkel

Tiffany Cvrkel, UCLA

Ted Stolze

Ted Stolze
Philosophy Department
Cerritos College

Kate Drabinski

Kate Drabinski, Gender & Women's Studies, UMBC

Michael Norton

Michael Norton, Philosophy, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Mark Silcox

Mark Silcox, University of Central Oklahoma

Utpal Lahiri

Utpal Lahiri, Linguistics, Jawaharlal Nehru University (India)

Shelley Park

Shelley Park
Philosophy Department
University of Central Florida

Stefan Dolgert

Stefan Dolgert, Political Science, Brock University

Hyacinth Piel

Hyacinth Piel, Philosophy, University of Illinois at Chicago

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