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November 12, 2015


Mark lance

I am torn. Progress to be sure. But ought we not continue to honor AAUP censure? It may not be exactly crossing a picket line - what with the reality of the AAUP - but it is close.

Kirk Sanders

Sorry not to have replied earlier to Mark's comment.

The question of AAUP censure seems to me to be entirely separate from that of the the academic boycotts, which went into effect many months prior to any action by the AAUP. Those boycotts were tied specifically to the decision to rescind the job offer to Steven Salaita, a matter that has now reached a final (if not entirely satisfying) conclusion in virtue of the legal settlement between Dr. Saliata and UIUC.

FWIW, I would also note that the AAUP itself officially *opposes* academic boycotts (see http://aaup.org/report/academic-boycotts). It therefore hardly seems right that AAUP censure could justify the continuation of boycotts that had as their stated goal the reinstatement of Steven Salaita, which regrettably is no longer a possibility.


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