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November 20, 2014


Victor Nolan

This is petty. You catch him on a mistake and you use that to say "see? His entire position is undermined."

By my estimates it's a cowardly way to "debate" the issue.

John Protevi

Victor, can you show me where I say or even imply any such thing? I said his sloppiness does not inspire confidence; that's a far cry from claiming to have undermined his position.

The main thrust here however should be obvious. Professor McAdams cherry-picks some extreme correspondence and then claims they reveal the "id of the politically correct." I counter by citing some calm and reasoned criticisms. I invite you to engage the claims of Honig and Comerford.


McAdams' mistake indicates that he recklessly publishes articles, which have the real potential of harming vulnerable graduate students, without adequately conducting and organizing his "research."

I would also like to draw attention to one of his comments found in the comment section of his original attack on Ms Abbate:

"I only post based on students who accounts I know are reliable."

Apparently, according to McAdams, "reliable" students are those who lie to the face of their instructors about recording them.

Peter Russell

Such a nice post. Thanks

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