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August 08, 2014


Li sa Schwartzman

Please add my name: Lisa Schwartzman, Michigan State University

Yitzhak Melamed

Please add me:
Yitzhak Melamed, Johns Hopkins University

Carrie Jenkins

Please add me:
Carrie Jenkins, University of British Columbia

Andy Egan

Please add my name: Andy Egan, Rutgers University

Chad Kautzer

Thanks so much for doing this! Please add my name: Chad Kautzer, University of Colorado Denver

Chelsea Rosenthal

Can Ph.D. students (and TAs or instructors) sign this? If so, please add Chelsea Rosenthal, New York University.

Thank you for organizing this!

Fritz McDonald

Please add my name: Fritz J. McDonald, Oakland University

Mauricio Suárez

Please add my name: Mauricio Suarez, London University

Giuliano Torrengo

Please add my name: Giuliano Torrengo, University of Milan

Andres moles

Please add me. Andrés Moles, Central European university

Derek Baker

Please add my name:

Derek Baker, Lingnan University

Victor Caston

Please add my name: Victor Caston, University of Michigan

Susanne Bobzien

Please add my name. Susanne Bobzien, University of Oxford

tito magri

Add my name: Tito Magri, Sapienza, Rome

James Sherman

Please add my name: James Sherman, Trinity College in the University of Toronto

Darian Meacham

please add my name: Darian Meacham, University of the West of England

Matthew Benton

Please add me: Matthew Benton, University of Oxford

Catherine McKeen

Please add me: Catherine McKeen, Southern Vermont College

Francesco Berto

Plz add: Franz Berto, University of Amsterdam & University of Aberdeen.

Matthew McGrath

Please add me: Matthew McGrath, University of Missouri.

NIck Stang

Please add me: Nick Stang, University of Toronto

Corey McCall

Please add my name: Corey McCall, Elmira College

McKenzie Wark

McKenzie Wark, The New School for Social Research

Carolina Sartorio

Me too: Carolina Sartorio, University of Arizona

Fred Schueler

Please add my name. Fred Schueler, University of Delaware

Francis Degnin

Please add my name: Francis Degnin, University of Northern Iowa

Chris MacDonald

Please add my name:
Chris MacDonald, Ryerson University

Geoffrey Lee

Please add me.

Geoffrey Lee. University of California, Berkeley.

Alistair Welchman

Please add my name: Alistair Welchman, University of Texas at San Antonio. Thank you!

Seth Yalcin

Me too please: Seth Yalcin, University of California, Berkeley

Byron Davies

Please add my name.

Byron Davies, Harvard University (Doctoral Candidate and Teaching Fellow)

Andrew Altman

Please add my name. Andrew Altman. Georgia State University.

Christopher Frey

Please add: Christopher Frey, University of South Carolina

 Michael Kremer

It may be too late for this to be sent with the others. But add me.

Michael Kremer, University of Chicago

Mark van Roojen

Add me:
Mark van Roojen, University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Jeff McMahan, Oxford University

I have added my name. I will continue to have philosophical and political discussions with my many friends and former colleagues at Illinois, but not as a guest of the university.

Edward S. Casey

By all means put me on this list!

Owen Richardson

Please add me Owen Richardson

Hilary Millet-Clark

Please add my name. Hilary Millet-Clark, Michigan State Univeristy

Phillip Horky

Please add me as well. Thanks. Phillip Horky, Durham University.

Maxime Doyon

please add me:
Maxime Doyon (Université de Montréal)

Annette Zimmermann

Please add my name: Annette Zimmermann, University of Oxford.

Julia Staffel

Add me: Julia Staffel, Washington University in St. Louis

Andrei A. Buckareff

Please add my name: Andrei A. Buckareff, Marist College

Philip Kremer

Please add my name. Philip Kremer, Chair, Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto Scarborough

Ted Sider

Please add me: Theodore Sider, Cornell University

David Robichaud

Please, add my name: David Robichaud, University of Ottawa

Gurpreet Rattan

Please add my name: Gurpreet Rattan, University of Toronto

Steven Hales

Please add: Steven Hales, Bloomsburg University

Jessica Berry

Please add my name: Jessica Berry, Georgia State University

Matt Drabek

Please add: Matt Drabek, The University of Iowa

Neil Levy

Pease add me: Neil Levy, University of Melbourne and University of Oxford.

Naomi Goulder

Please add my name: Naomi Goulder, New College of the Humanities

Mark Sheldon

Please add my name: Mark Sheldon, Northwestern University

Peter Godfrey-Smith, CUNY Graduate Center

Please add my name.

Kevin Coffey

Please add my name: Kevin Coffey, New York University Abu Dhabi

Tamara Levitz

Please add my name Tamara Levitz, UCLA

Andrew Lister

Please add me

Abraham Schwab IPFW (Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne)

Please add my name

Steve Sverdlik

Please add my name: Steve Sverdlik, Southern Methodist University

Daniel Rothschild

Please add me: Daniel Rothschild, University College London

Christian Munthe

Add me:

Christian Munthe, University of Gothenburg (Sweden).

Vanessa Wills

Please add my name:

Vanessa Wills, St. Joseph's University

Kandace Kellett-Riddle

Add me: Kandace Kellett-Riddle, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

Alexa Forrester

Please add my name: Alexa Forrester, Santa Rosa Junior College

Gabriel Zamosc

Please add my name: Gabriel Zamosc, University of Colorado Denver

Erik Banks

Please add: Erik Banks Wright State University

Rocco Gangle

In defense of Dr. Salaita and academic freedom, add my name: Rocco Gangle, Endicott College

Janae Sholtz

John, please add my name: Janae Sholtz, Alvernia University

Mark Richard, Harvard University

Please add my name to the above petition to Chancellor Wise of UIUC. Mark Richard, Harvard University.

Maureen Linker

Please add me to the list: Maureen Linker, The University of Michigan-Dearborn

Rachel Jones, George Mason University

Please add my name:

Sandy Woodson

Please add my name: Sandy Woodson, Colorado School of Mines

Rob Thomas

Please add my name: Robert C. Thomas, San Francisco State University

Paulo Faria

Please add me

Paulo Faria
Philosophy Department
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Kimberly Katz

Please add my name: Kimberly Katz, Towson University

Maria Aristodemou

Please add my name: Maria Aristodemou, Birkbeck College, University of London.

A.P. Taylor

Please add me to the list: Adam Taylor, North Dakota State University

Jack Marsh

Jack Marsh, American University of Kuwait

Nathan Hanna

Add me, please: Nathan Hanna (Drexel University).

Kevin Falvey

Please add me: Kevin Falvey, University of California, Santa Barbara

Jeremy Anderson

Please add me: Jeremy Anderson, DePauw University

Patrick McGovern

Please add my name: Patrick McGovern, London School of Economics & Political Science.

R.J. Leland

Please add my name: R.J. Leland, Australian National University

William Behun

Please add William Behun, St Xavier University

Paul Horwich

Please add my name: Paul Horwich, New York University

Chris Keegan

Please add my name: Chris Keegan, SUNY at Oneonta

Brian Kim

Please add me: Brian Kim, Bowdoin College

Ben Almassi

Please add my name: Ben Almassi, Governors State University

David Goldman

Please add me: David Goldman, The Ohio State University

Antonia LoLordo

Please add: Antonia LoLordo, University of Virginia


Please add my name: Sara L. Uckelman, Heidelberg University

Zed Adams

Please add my name:

Zed Adams, New School for Social Research

Marcus Hedahl

Please add my name: Marcus Hedahl, US Naval Academy

Barry Loewer

Add me

Barry Loewer Rutgers University

Erin C. Tarver

Please add me: Erin C. Tarver, Oxford College of Emory University

John Manchak

Please add my name: John Manchak, University of Washington

Kelly James Clark

Please add me:

Kelly James Clark, Grand Valley State University

Howard Stein

I learned of this issue only within the past two days; I have seen representative examples of the messages posted to Twitter by Mr. Salaita, and am utterly shocked that such messages should be regarded as beyond what a faculty member of the University of Illinois is allowed (!) to say. Please add my name to the petition; I am a professor emeritus, but am not totally inactive in my field.

Chris Meacham

Please add my name: Chris Meacham, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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