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August 08, 2014


Frances Egan

Please add my name: Frances Egan, Rutgers University

Richard Moran

Please add my name: Richard Moran, Harvard University

Colin Marshall

Please add my name: Colin Marshall, University of Washington

John Gardner

You can add me too. John Gardner, University of Oxford

Sinan Dogramaci

Please add me, Sinan Dogramaci, The University of Texas at Austin

James Woodbridge

Please add my name to the list of signatories: James A. Woodbridge, University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Daniel Cohnitz

Please sign me up:
Daniel Cohnitz, University of Tartu

Brian O'Connor

Please add my name: Brian O'Connor, University College Dublin

Patrick R. Leland

Please add my name:

Patrick R. Leland, Loyola University New Orleans.

Cian Dorr

Add: Cian Dorr, New York University

Christy Mag Uidhir

Add me:

Christy Mag Uidhir, University of Houston

Benjamin S. Yost

Hi John, please add my name: Benjamin S. Yost, Providence College

Chris Fox, Newman University

Please add me to the list

Elizabeth Harman

Please add me:
Elizabeth Harman, Princeton University

Matthew Kotzen

Please add me: Matthew Kotzen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Christian Lotz

Sign me up: Christian Lotz, Michigan State University

Baron Reed

Please add my name: Baron Reed, Northwestern University

Jennifer Lackey

Please add me: Jennifer Lackey, Northwestern University

Lisa Rivera

Add me: Lisa Rivera University of Massachusetts, Boston

Ben Bradley

Please add me: Ben Bradley, Syracuse University

Mario De Caro

Please add me: Mario De Caro, University of Rome3 and Tufts University

Raul Saucedo

Please add: Raul Saucedo, University of Colorado-Boulder

David Sobel

Please add me:

David Sobel, Syracuse University

Nancy Bauer

Nancy Bauer, Tufts University

Jonathan Schaffer

Please add my name: Jonathan Schaffer, Rutgers University

Robert May

Add my name: Robert May, University of California, Davis

Hilary Kornblith

Please add my name to the list: Hilary Kornblith, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Julien Murzi

Julien Murzi, University of Kent

Ben Levinstein

Add me: Ben Levinstein, University of Bristol

Nicholas Georgalis

Add my name: Nicholas Georgalis, East Carolina University

John Horty

Please add me: John Horty, University of Maryland

Alice MacLachlan

Please add my name: Alice MacLachlan, York University

Joshua Alexander

Please add my name: Joshua Alexander, Siena College

William Lewis

William Lewis, Skidmore College

Nathan Bauer

Please add my name: Nathan Bauer, Rowan University

Abe Roth

Please add me.

Abraham Roth, Ohio State University

Teresa Blankmeyer Burke

Please add my name: Teresa Blankmeyer Burke, Gallaudet University

Luca Ferrero

Add me: Luca Ferrero University Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Jason Kawall

Please also add me:
Jason Kawall, Colgate University

Jason Leddington

Please add:

Jason Leddington, Bucknell University

Ron Mallon

Please add: Ron Mallon, Washington University in St. Louis.

Barry C Smith

Please add my name. Barry C Smith, University of London


Dear John,

Will you please add me, too?
Clayton Littlejohn, King's College London

Jonathan Weinberg

Please add me as well:
Jonathan Weinberg, University of Arizona

Michael Weisberg

PLease add my name:

Michael Weisberg, University of Pennsylvania

Michael Pratt

Please add my name: Michael Pratt, Queen's University

Mark Rowlands

Please add my name: Mark Rowlands, University of Miami

Errol Lord

Please add me: Errol Lord, University of Pennsylvania

Justin Tiwald

Justin Tiwald, San Francisco State University

Anton Ford

Please add my name: Anton Ford, University of Chicago

Joshua Brown

Please add me:

Joshua Brown, Gustavus Adolphus College

Alex Miller

Please add me: Alex Miller, University of Otago, New Zealand

Amy Schmitter

And yet another to add: Amy Schmitter, University of Alberta. Thanks very much for doing this.

udo schuklenk

sure, no brainer, add me
udo schuklenk
queen's university at kingston

Jennifer Nagel

Please add me: Jennifer Nagel, University of Toronto

V. Alan White

Don't even count on excellent 2nd-class philosophers:

V. Alan White, University of Wisconsin--Manitowoc

Daniela Dover

Please add: Daniela Dover, UCLA. Thank you for organizing this!

Joseph Raz

Please add me
Joseph Raz
Columbia University

Gunnar Björnsson

Please add my name: Gunnar Björnsson, Umeå University

Rachael Briggs

Rachael Briggs, Australian National University and Griffith University.

(Not that they've been beating down my door trying to book me, but still.)

alex byrne

Please add me: Alex Byrne, MIT

Meena Krishnamurthy

Please add me: Meena Krishnamurthy, University of Manitoba

Fabrizio Cariani

Please add my name: Fabrizio Cariani, Northwestern University

Gideon Rosen

Please add:

Gideon Rosen, Princeton University

Kai Spiekermann

Please add my name: Kai Spiekermann, London School of Economics

Keith DeRose

Please add me: Keith DeRose, Yale University

Sara Rachel Chant

Add: Sara Rachel Chant, Tulane University and University
of Missouri.

David Livingstone Smith

Please add my name: David Livingstone Smith, University of New England

Branden Fitelson

Please add my name: Branden Fitelson, Rutgers University.

Alex Guerrero

Please add me: Alexander Guerrero, University of Pennsylvania

Tristram McPherson

Please add my name: Tristram McPherson, Virginia Tech

Jason Wyckoff

Please add my name: Jason Wyckoff, University of Utah

Mike Olson

Please and my name: Michael Olson, Macquarie University

Jeff Sebo

Please add my name: Jeff Sebo, New York University

James Bondarchuk

Add my name:

James Bondarchuk, Harvard University (Doctoral Candidate and Teaching Fellow)

Kris McDaniel

Kris McDaniel, Syracuse University

Irene McMullin

Please add my name: Irene McMullin, University of Essex

Sahotra Sarkar, University of Texas

Please add my name.

Simon Harel

Please add my name. Simon Harel

Mark Warren

Please add my name: Mark Warren, Miami University

Rami El Ali

Please add my name: Rami El Ali, University of Miami

Gillian Russell

Please add my name: Gillian Russell, Washington University in St Louis

Jamie Mayerfeld

Please add my name. Jamie Mayerfeld, University of Washington

Heidi Howkins Lockwood

Add Heidi Howkins Lockwood, Southern Connecticut State University

Michael J. Raven

Please add me:
Michael J. Raven, University of Victoria

Alan Nelson

I hereby sign on:

Alan Nelson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Maja Spener

Please add me: Maja Spener, University of Birmingham, UK

Richard Yetter Chappell

Please add me: Richard Yetter Chappell, University of York

Stephen Darwall

add me:

Stephen Darwall, Yale University

Robert Streiffer

Please add my name: Robert Streiffer, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Bernard W. Kobes

Please add: Bernard W. Kobes, Arizona State University

Gabriele Contessa

Please add my name, John: Gabriele Contessa, Carleton University

Laura Schroeter

Please add me:
Laura Schroeter, University of Melbourne

Martin Lenz

Please add my name: Martin Lenz, University of Groningen


Paul Raymont, instructor, University of Toronto

Hilde Lindemann

Please add me: Hilde Lindemann, Michigan State University

Beth Seacord, Grand Valley State University

I'm interested in joining the boycott too.

Jill Hernandez

I stand with this group-- Jill Hernandez, University of Texas at San Antonio

jay odenbaugh

Please add me: Jay Odenbaugh, Lewis & Clark College

Ericka Tucker

Ericka Tucker, Marquette University

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