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August 08, 2014



Add my name: John E. Drabinski (Amherst College)

Jack Turner

Add my name: Jack Turner, University of Washington

Hugh Miller

Please add mine: Hugh Miller, Loyola University Chicago


Please add mine as well: Sina Kramer, Loyola Marymount University

Ingo Brigandt

Add my name: Ingo Brigandt, University of Alberta

Emanuela Bianchi

Please add me: Emanuela Bianchi, New York University
Thank you.

Nathan Jun

Please add my name: Nathan Jun, Midwestern State University

Matt Weiner

Please add my name: Matt Weiner, University of Vermont

Matthew N Smith

Matthew Smith, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

Cinzia Arruzza

Please, add my name: Cinzia Arruzza, New School for Social Research

Johanna Oksala

Please add my name: Johanna Oksala, University of Helsinki, Finland

Trip McCrossin

Please add my name: Trip McCrossin, Rutgers University

Ross Poole

Please add my name.
Ross Poole, New School for Social Research

Hartry Field

Please add my name. --- Hartry Field, New York University

Rick Lee

Even though they would never dream of inviting me, please add my name -- Richard A. Lee, Jr., DePaul University

Paul Boghossian

Please add my name. -- Paul Boghossian, New York University

Stephen Yablo

Me too please: Stephen Yablo, MIT

Graham Harman

Signed, Graham Harman, American University in Cairo.

Patrick Lee Miller

Add my name: Patrick Lee Miller (Duquesne University)

ole Koksvik

Please add my name. Ole Koksvik, University of Bergen

Thomas Hurka

Add my name -- Thomas Hurka, University of Toronto

Jonathan Quong

Please add my name: Jonathan Quong, University of Southern California

Michael Smith

Please add my name: Michael Smith, Princeton University

Michael Principe

Please add my name--Michael A. Principe, Middle Tennessee State University

Sara McDonough (mcd@vt.edu )

I support Professor Salaita, and the academic freedoms of all intellectuals--whether they be speaking in the streets or in the university. please add my name to those who support Dr. Salaita and this cause.
-Sara McDonough
(formerly at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA)

Steven Levine

Add me: Steven Levine, University of Massachusetts, boston

Rebecca comay

Please add my name: Rebecca Comay, U of Toronto

J. David Velleman

Add me: J. David Velleman, NYU

Brendan Hogan

Please add my name: Brendan Hogan, New York University

John Collins

I just emailed you John. Please add my name too. John Collins, Columbia University.


Add my name please: Peter Gratton, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Jason Brennan

Add me: Jason Brennan, Georgetown University

Howard Ross

Add my name. I hired Steven to his first position right out of grad school. He was a good teacher and scholar.
Howard Ross

Reinhard Muskens

Please add me: Reinhard Muskens, Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Leslie Green

And please add me

Leslie Green, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford

Samantha Bankston

Please add my name

Samantha Bankston, Sierra Nevada College

James Goetsch

Add my name, please: James R. Goetsch Jr., Eckerd College

Carl Sachs

Please add: Carl Sachs, Marymount University.

Naomi Scheman

Please add my name: Naomi Scheman, University of Minnesota

Norbert Hornstein university of Maryland, college park

Another step towards reducing freedom of thought and expression.

Alberto Toscano

Please add my name: Alberto Toscano, Goldsmiths, University of London

Hilary Bok

Please add my name: Hilary Bok, Johns Hopkins University

John D. Mullen, Professor Emeritus of Philosoophy, Dowling College

Please add my name: John D. Mullen, Dowling College

Jason Aleksander

Please add my name: Jason Aleksander, Saint Xavier University

Claudia Gillberg

Please add my name: Claudia Gillberg, Swedish National Centre of Lifelong Learning (ENCELL, Jonkoping).

Elaine Miller

Please add my name: Elaine Miller, Miami University

Bruce Janz

John: You can add me to this: Bruce Janz, University of Central Florida

Ted Stolze

Please add my name to the Philosophy list: Ted Stolze, Cerritos College

Francois Raffoul

Hi John, please add my name: Francois Raffoul, Louisiana State University

Paul K. Eckstein

Please add my name to the Philosophy List: Paul K. Eckstein, Barry University and Columbia College, Orlando Campus/

Thomas Thorp

John, Please add my name: Thomas Thorp, Saint Xavier University, Chicago

Erin Manning

Please add
Erin Manning, Concordia University [email protected]
Brian Massumi Université de Montreal [email protected]
Thanks for doing this!

Michael Otsuka

Please add my name: Michael Otsuka, London School of Economics

Brian Schroeder

John, please add my name to the list: Brian Schroeder, Rochester Institute of Technology

Shen-yi Liao

Please add my name: Shen-yi Liao, Nanyang Technological University / University of Leeds

Rebecca Kukla

Behind the times as I have been traveling! Please add me: Rebecca Kukla.

Amia Srinivasan

Add my name please? Amia Srinivasan, University of Oxford.

Lori Gruen

Please add my name. Lori Gruen, Wesleyan University.

Nikolay Karkov

Please add my name. Nikolay Karkov, SUNY Cortland

Blain Neufeld

Please add my name: Blain Neufeld, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Thanks!

Cressida Heyes

Please add me: Cressida Heyes, University of Alberta

John Sarnecki

Yes, do add my name, John Sarnecki, University of Toledo. Thanks for doing this!

shelley park

Please add me: Shelley Park, University of Central Florida

Kathryn Russell

Please add my name: Kathryn Russell, SUNY, Cortland

Marika Rose

Please add me: Marika Rose, Durham University

joseph Lynch

Please add me: Joseph Lynch, Madison College

Jonathan Weisberg

Please add me: Jonathan Weisberg, University of Toronto


Please add : Sharin N Elkholy, Assiciate Professor of Philosophy, University of Houston-Downtown

James Mahon

Please add: James E. Mahon, Professor of Philosophy, Washington and Lee university

Saba Fatima

Sign me up: Saba Fatima, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Glen Newey

Add: Glen Newey, University of Leiden

Ralph Wedgwood

Please add: Ralph Wedgwood, University of Southern California

Christine Sistare

Please add Christine Sistare, Muhlenberg College (Allentown, PA).

Robert Earle

please add my name to the Philosophy list: Robert Earle SUNY Cortland and Tompkins Cortland Community College

Angus Taylor

Please add: Angus Taylor, University of Victoria

Mark Silcox

Please add my name: Mark Silcox, University of Central Oklahoma

Simon May

Please add: Simon Cabulea May, Florida State University

Chris Bertram

Please add, Christopher Bertram, University of Bristol, UK

Tomis Kapitan

Please add my name to the list. Thank you for your efforts!

James Doyle

Please add my name: James Doyle, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

Joshua Cohen, Stanford University

Please add my name

Joel Dittmer

Sign me up! Joel Dittmer, Missouri University of Science & Technology

Brad Weslake

Please add: Brad Weslake, New York University Shanghai

John Dupre

Please add my name: John Dupre, University of Exeter

J. Adam Carter

Please add my name: J. Adam Carter, University of Edinburgh

John Bengson

Please add: John Bengson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Susanna Schellenberg

Please add my name: Susanna Schellenberg, Rutgers University

Paul Pietroski

Please add my name: Paul Pietroski, University of Maryland.

Stephen Finlay

Please add my name: Stephen Finlay, University of Southern California (PhD UIUC '01)

Hille Paakkunainen

Please add my name: Hille Paakkunainen, Syracuse University

Jonathan Birch

Please add my name: Jonathan Birch, London School of Economics

Byron Williston

Please add me: Byron Williston, Wilfrid Laurier University

Matt Carlson

Please add me: Matthew Carlson, Wabash College

Andrew Sneddon

Please sign me up:

Andrew Sneddon, University of Ottawa

allan silverman

Please add me: Allan Silverman, The Ohio State University

Adrienne Martin

Please add my name: Adrienne Martin, Claremont McKenna College

Will Heusser

Add me: Will Heusser, Cypress College

Tom Holden

Please add me: Thomas Holden, University of California Santa Barbara

T Cunningham

Please add my name: Thomas Cunningham, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

kurt mosser

add me:

Kurt Mosser, The University of Dayton

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