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May 23, 2010



I'm on the Council of the American Political Science Association. I'm hoping the organization will write a letter.


I have sent the follwing to the Sociology postgraduates' email list and my own department's list (Institite of Contemporary Arts) at Lancaster University. I am absolutely outraged by this and I hope that everyone who made this decision will be forced into revoking a act of vandalism against one of the unsung institutions of British humanist thought.

Dear All

I hope you won't mind me bringing to the attention of those who aren't
already aware of it of the almost certainly illegal action of Middlesex
University's Board of Governers in barring from the University its own
Professors Peter Osborne, Christine Kerslake and Peter Hallward, along
with several students. This has arisen as a result of protests held
against the closure of the department, based on the usual myopic
grounds of income generation. One can only presume such actions are
designed to make the climbers up the slippery pole of academic
administration glow more brightly in their managers' eyes, since it has
absolutely no basis in the quality of the work that they are seeking to

Middlesex University has an illustrious history. As Hornsey College of
Art it was instrumental in bringing the ideas of Situationism into
England; as Middlesex Polytechnic it was a pioneer in introducing the
poststructuralist thought of the same country into the UK, something
which is now a central part of any humanities discipline.

As someone working in the same broad area that is being attacked here,
I wonder if you might find ten minutes of your time to follow the
actions suggested on

Further background information on the situation, which fits every
definition of bullying, can be found at

There is evidence from other recent protests that decisions can
be overturned if sufficient publicity is focussed on the wrecking crew.
In the light of the impending demise of IAS for comparably spurious
reasons, we all need to make sure that managers of a similar bent are
put on the back foot rather than emboldened by compliance with
similar acts of vandalism in sister institutions.

Cliff Laine
Postgraduate student
Institute for the Contemporary Arts (Music)

Danny Wolpert

I am so heartened to see this.
Thank you for supporting the cause. I am a former graduate of the CRMEP MA at Middlesex and right now Middlesex Philosophy, its students and staff need every voice behind them to stop this vandalism.

Danny Wolpert
PhD Candidate
University of Cambridge

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