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October 15, 2007


Jon Cogburn

Also within thirty years all of the other strong countries have caught up to the difference in military technology. This certainly happened with Napolean's use of large drafted armies and then later the German use of railroads for mass troop movements and supply. The use of rifling caught on so fast after the Crimean war that neither side in the American Civil War was stuck with muskets. The tank and air superiority of the Israelis was completely smashed by the Yom Kippur war (and the way they won after losing over half of their air and tank resources in a couple of days is one of the best illustrations of how novel tactics and technologies (here pickup mounted machine guns to disrupt Egyptian wire guided anti-tank weapons; each tank got two such pickup trucks to accompany) filter up from below in armies of democracies, the other great one being American grunts correcting for Eisenhower's calamitous mistakes after D-Day (the battlefield mods to tanks so that they could get through the hedgerows, and jury rigged refridgerators to carry whole blood).

Anyhow, it would be absolutely unprecedented if the gain in stealth, satellite, and night vision we made since the 1980's weren't equaled or surpassed by Japan, China, India, and Europe in the next decade. France is destroying the United States right now in both high speed rail production and satellite launching. Japan and China are putting scads of money into their space programs too.

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