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October 08, 2016


Sergio Gallegos

Sergio Gallegos, Philosophy, MSU Denver

Rebecca Bamford

Rebecca Bamford, Philosophy, Quinnipiac University

Michael Smith

Michael Smith
Philosophy Department
Princeton University

Gary Ostertag

Gary Ostertag
Nassau Community College &
The Graduate Center, CUNY

Barbara H Partee

Barbara H Partee, Linguistics and Philosophy Emerita, UMass Amherst


Elise Woodard, University of Michigan

E Bianchi

Emanuela Bianchi
Comparative Literature
New York University

JJ Lang

JJ Lang, Philosophy, Stanford

Naomi Scheman

Naomi Scheman
Philosophy, emerita
University of Minnesota

Daniel Susser

Daniel Susser, Philosophy, San Jose State University

Samir Chopra

Samir Chopra
Philosophy Department
Brooklyn College and Graduate Center of the City University of New York

Bryant Scott

Bryant Scott, University of Miami

Guy Longworth

Guy Longworth
University of Warwick

Teresa Marques

Teresa Marques
Law & Philosophy
University Pompey Fabra

Rineke Verbrugge

Rineke Verbrugge, Artificial Intelligence, University of Groningen

Richard Drayton

Richard Drayton, History, King's College London


Rebecca Roache, Philosophy, Royal Holloway University of London

Panu Raatikainen

Panu Raatikainen, Philosophy, University of Helsinki

Cathal O'Madagain

Cathal O'Madagain, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany

Jonny McIntosh

Jonny McIntosh, Philosophy, Oxford

Manuel García-Carpintero

Manuel García-Carpintero
LOGOS.Dept. Filosofia, Universitat de Barcelona

Marcin Miłkowski

Marcin Miłkowski, Institute of Philosophy & Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, wArsaw

Paul Egre (CNRS, Institut Jean Nicod)

Paul Egre (Institut Jean-Nicod, CNRS)

Dirk Kindermann

Dirk Kindermann, Philosophy, University of Graz

Anouk Barberousse

Anouk Barberousse
Université Paris-Sorbonne

Ole Koksvik

Ole Koksvik, Department of Philosophy, University of Bergen

Jennifer Nagel

Jennifer Nagel, Philosophy, University of Toronto

Hilde Lindemann

Hilde Lindemann

Michael Warner

Michael Warner, English, Yale

Regina Rini

Regina Rini, Bioethics, New York University

David Roden

David Roden, Philosophy, The Open University UK

Elise Springer

Elise Springer, Philosophy, Wesleyan University

Gunnar Björnsson

Gunnar Björnson, Philosophy, Umeå University

Donald Ainslie

Donald Ainslie, Philosophy, University of Toronto

Mason Cash

Mason Cash, philosophy. University of Central Florida

Abby Jaques

Abby Jaques, Philosophy, MIT

Andrew Dilts

Andrew Dilts, Political Science, Loyola Marymount University

Helga Varden

Helga Varden, Philosophy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Alexus McLeod

Alexus McLeod, Philosophy, Asian and Asian American Studies Insitute, University of Connecticut

Rob Loftis

J. Robert Loftis, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Lorain County Community College.

Dan Hicks

Daniel Hicks, AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow

Mark Alfano

Mark Alfano, Ethics and philosophy of technology, Delft University of Technology

Olav Eikeland

Olav Eikeland, philosopher, professor, vice-dean, Oslo and Akershus University College (Hioa), Oslo, Norway

Gillian Russell

Gillian Russell, Philosophy, UNC Chapel Hill

Thony Gillies

Thony Gillies, Philosophy, Rutgers University

Jamie Kelly

Jamie Kelly, Philosophy, Vassar College

Chris Fox

Chris Fox, Philosophy, Newman University

Ian Balfour

Ian Balfour, English, York University

Teresa Blankmeyer Burke

Teresa Blankmeyer Burke, Philosophy, Gallaudet University

Steff Rocknak

Stefanie Rocknak, Philosophy, Hartwick College

Jonathan Kaplan

Jonathan Kaplan, Philosophy, Oregon State University.

Tanya Kostochka

Tanya Kostochka, Philosophy, University of Southern California

Brandon Polite

Brandon Polite, Philosophy, Knox College

Jacqueline Fox

Jacqueline Fox, Law, University of South Carolina

Aili Bresnahan

Aili Bresnahan, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Dayton

Maria Damon

Maria Damon, Humanities and Media Studies, Pratt Institute of Art

luvell anderson

Luvell Anderson, Philosophy, University of Memphis

Susanna Schellenberg

Susanna Schellenberg, Philosphy, Rutgers

Kenneth Pearce

Kenneth Pearce, Philosophy, Trinity College Dublin

Lori Marso

Lori Marso, Political Science, Union College, Schenectady, NY

Frances Egan

Frances Egan, Philosophy, Rutgers University

Paul Franks

Paul Franks, Philosophy, Yale University

Bijan Parsia

Bijan Parsia, Computer Science, University of Manchester (UK)

John Altmann

John Altmann Independent Scholar in Philosophy

Mahrad Almotahari

Mahrad Almotahari, Philosophy, University of Illinois-Chicago

Dan Korman

Dan Korman, Philosophy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Irem Kurtsal Steen

Irem Kurtsal Steen, Boğaziçi University

Simon Evnine

Simon Evnine, University of Miami

Ammon Allred

Ammon Allred. Philosophy. University of Toledo

James O'Shea

James O'Shea, Philosophy, University College Dubliin

Patchen Markell

Patchen Markell, Political Science, University of Chicago


Lori Watson, Philosophy, University of San Diego

Ásta Sveinsdóttir

Ásta Sveinsdóttir, San Francisco State University

Jeff Sebo

Jeff Sebo, Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

B. R. George

B. R. George, Philosophy, Carnegie Mellon University

Jurgis Skilters

Jurgis Skilters, Communication & Cognitive Science, University of Latvia

Steven Levine

Steven Levine, Philosophy, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Odin Kroeger

Odin Kroeger, Philosophy, University of Vienna

André Grahle

André Grahle, Philosophy, LMU Munich

Michael Patton

Michael Patton, Philosophy, University of Montevallo

Yuri Cath

Yuri Cath, Philosophy, La Trobe University

Larry George, Political Science, California State University, Long Beach

Larry George, Political Science, California State University, Long Beach

Ashli Godfrey

Ashli Godfrey, Georgetown University

Phillip Schoenberg

Phillip Schoenberg, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Torsten Menge

Torsten Menge, Philosophy, University of Arkansas

Verina Wild

Verina Wild, LMU Munich

Shelley Weinberg

Shelley Weinberg, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ivan C. Tircuit Sr.

Ivan C. Tircuit Sr., Philosophy, Mt. San Antonio College

Susan Schneider

Susan Schneider, Philosophy, University of Connecticut

James Mahon

James Mahon, Philosophy, CUNY-Lehman

Jeff Bell

Jeffrey Bell, Philosophy, Southeastern Louisiana University

Geoff Pynn

Geoff Pynn, Philosophy, Northern Illinois University

Torsten Wilholt

Torsten Wilholt, Philosophy, Leibniz Universität Hannover

Eric Feinblatt

Eric Feinblatt, Honorary Research Fellow, School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering, University of Western Australia

Anna Strasser

Anna Strasser
Philosophy, Independent Researcher

Howard Goldson

Howard Goldson, a nonacademic philosopher

David Pettigrew

David Pettigrew, Philosophy, Southern Connecticut State University

Michael Pauen

Michael Pauen, Philosophy, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany

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