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March 07, 2008


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The nazis seem far more naturalist and pagan than metaphysical, though I've read some of the nazis quoted Hegel, geist, even Luther, etc. along with the quasi-Nietzschean BS. Carnap and the vienna circle probably seemed very cold, academic, foreign. Peasant revolts traditionally involved some attacks on academics and clerics, did they not: perhaps the "Anschluss" not so different. So it's a rather more horrifying "town and gown" situation. The german and austrian vets also very bitter about WWI, and blamed jews, brits, intellectuals, marxists, etc.

I respect verificationism and Carnap though would contend that "school" follows as much from Hume as from germans (Carnap quotes from Hume, as well--): they concerned themselves with induction, probability, fallibility, the philosophy of science as much as they did with "logic" per se (the naive postmodernist would lump Carnap together with Frege, when they are not at all doing the same thing). There's a skeptical aspect to positivism, really (also to be noted in the marxistas rather crude objections to positivism (more of Machian sort than Carnap). Uncertainty does not play well with zealots of right or left.

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