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February 25, 2008


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Denying Due Process to suspected communists was rather unfair--but the oaths, while a bit paranoid, don't seem that outrageous, given that the so-called Cold War was underway. It wasn't so "cold" anyway--it was quite hot. Stalin near the end of his tyranny considered nuke attacks on Europe and the West.
Blacklisting did some damage--yet at the same time, some of those blacklisted DID have contacts with communists: Dash Hammett, for instance. Whatever you think of Hammett's writing (it's pretty nasty, really), he and his pals were throwing parties for soviets. I m not familiar with Judd's work, but the point holds, assuming that he too hosted parties for Reds.

Bobby Kennedy, it might be remembered, worked for McCarthy for some time. McCarthy appears fairly whacked, but spying was not unknown, and leftist professors did have contacts with communists in Russia (this is all fairly well-documented, not only by crackpot rightists like Coulter).

A snitch does suck: worse might be the do-gooder leftist-professor who bends over backwards for revolutionaries, and turns a blind eye to his comrades when they start liquidating men women and children (as is the case say with the academy's blindness in regards to Maoist atrocities, and to a lesser extent Stalinism). When marxism turns machiavellian any non-party member has reason to be concerned.

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